Black Chain with Silver Hearts

16 11 2011

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The black chain sets off the shiny silver hearts

The chain design is simple, creating a smooth black line that draws attention to the 6 sterling silver dangles.

In fact, the simplicity of the chain is what gives this piece a refined look, particularly in contrast to the whimsical nature of the hearts.

I especially like the lacy look of the silver hearts. They complement the intricate nature of the chain weave. The Byzantine weave works well for straight chains like this one. The ring size and gauge combine to create a semi-solid band that masks the complex and labyrinthine weave.


Current length: 6.75 inches (can be lengthened, but shortening is not recommended)
Width: chain-3/16 inches (just wide enough to accent a woman’s wrist). The dangles are approximately 1/2 inch.
Color pattern: Solid black chain with slight shine, silver hearts
Flexibility: Very flexible in all directions
Clasp: Simple small sterling silver toggle clasp
Basic Weave: Byzantine
Materials: Black coated copper rings (the only way to get true black); sterling silver hearts and toggle clasp
Status: Available on Etsy, $40

Detail showing the intricate Byzantine design and silver dangles




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