Silver Rondo a la Byzantine Bracelet

16 11 2011

The beautiful Rondo a la Byzantine bracelet stands up well.

This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have made. It combines the intricacy of the Byzantine weave and the open feel of helm mail, creating a complex and sophisticated bracelet.

The resulting design is called Rondo a la Byzantine. This is a difficult pattern, with about 60 rings per inch. I needed about 1 hour for each 1 – 1.5 inches of bracelet (and I work meticulously).

I modified the pattern a bit, with good results. First, I used a smaller ring size for a denser and more sturdy weave. Second, I reduced the number of links at the center of the Byzantine units (from 3 to 2). This reduction was necessary due to the overall tighter rings (3 simply wouldn’t fit). It also means the final piece doesn’t look as chunky as others’ pieces based on this pattern. Instead, this bracelet has a nice, refined appearance.  Truly, this bracelet is fine jewelry, ready for a dress-up night out.

The outer pattern makes this bracelet a bit more stiff than other pieces, which means it will hold its complex pattern without distortion. It has more than enough give to wrap around a wrist, but, as you can see from the first image, it will stand up on its own and won’t sag on a wrist. In short, it will look just like it should: beautiful.

(The color is a bit off in the second image: this bracelet is very shiny silver plate.)

This bracelet is also available in Sterling Silver in case you want to get really fancy!


Current length: 7.0 inches (can be modified to fit)
Width: 0.75 inches (noticeable without looking like a cuff)
Color pattern: All silver
Flexibility: Some flexibility along the length, none from side to side
Clasp: Magnetic self-locking clasp with a little gemstone accent
Basic Weave: Side-by-side Byzantine core, helm weave outsides
Materials: Silver plate
Status: Available in the shop, $60 (order only in sterling silver, $250)

As alluring as it is complex. Detail shows the intricacy of the weave

Detail showing this complex weave.




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