Silver Bracelet with Blue Streaks

18 11 2011

Glittering in the sun and detail showing the interlocking chains of Byzantine

This is a sexy bracelet.

The silver band, made from interlocking Byzantine chains, has a pattern of diagonal blue highlights. The dark blue highlights give the chain just enough color texture and pattern to catch the eye without being too obvious. This subtle effect is attractive and classy.

At a distance, this looks like a solid band of silver. As one begins to examine more closely, the individual chains and blue highlights are visible. Up close, the mysterious-looking Byzantine weave becomes more apparent. Because the chains are interlocked, they stay together when worn. Also, this bracelet is very flexible in all directions, letting it flow and giving it a slinky feel.

A slightly narrower version, without highlights, is here.


Current length: 7.25 inches (can be modified only in 1/2 inch multiples so the pattern stays consistent)
Width: 0.75 inches (noticeable without looking like a cuff)
Color pattern: Silver with diagonal dark blue highlights.
Flexibility: Extreme
Clasp: Round hook clasp
Basic Weave: Byzantine
Materials: Silver plate (main chain), annodized silver plate (blue highlights), sterling silver (clasp)
Status: Available in the shop, $65

This highlighted silver bracelet is classy and feels great.




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