Fun Carnelian and Turquoise Bracelet

21 11 2011

True colors of turquoise, carnelian, and silver in the sun

This is fun bracelet that combines the rich red color of carnelian and the light, happy color of natural turquoise.

This bracelet, made for smaller wrists, makes a great wrist accent appropriate for everyday wear.

Similar bracelet with all carnelian beads

Similar bracelet with all silver beads

The silver chain down the center sets off the 3 mm beads of alternating carnelian and turquoise. The ring size is carefully chosen to ensure that all rings meet up, giving this a professional, fine jewelry look without any unsightly gaps. They also don’t overlap, which would make the chain bulky and uncomfortable. The bracelet also has a slight wave shape due to the way the beads are strung. The final result is an attractive bracelet that is fun to wear.


Current length: 6.75 inches (Cannot be modified, other sizes possible in 0.25 inch increments)
Width: 3/8 inches
Color pattern: All silver center, alternating carnelian and turquoise beads
Flexibility: Moderate
Clasp: Small, simple toggle clasp in sterling silver
Basic Weave: Byzantine
Materials: Silver plate (chain); carnelian and natural turquoise beads
Status: Available in the shop, from $45 (order with sterling silver, $130)

Product ID: 111121-A




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