Byzantine Necklace and Stone

27 11 2011

Closeup of the blue stone pendant-it's beautiful!

The pictures don’t do this necklace justice. It features a beautiful Byzantine chain set off with subtle blue highlight that compliment the color of the stone.

The teardrop-shaped stone is handwrapped. Its colors transition from a black frame to a glossy, Caribbean-blue center. The stone’s matrix provides an interesting visual texture.

I avoided over-decorating and over-wrapping the stone pendant, preferring to allow its own natural beauty to attract attention-and it certainly will! The overall effect of the necklace and stone is one of elegance and refinement.


Current length: 17 inches (chain, easy to modify), 1 inch (stone pendant, vertical)
Width: 3/16 inches (chain)
Color pattern: Silver chain with interspersed dark blue highlights
Flexibility: Extreme for flowing chain
Clasp: magnetic, self-locking box clasp with a blue gem highlight
Basic Weave: Byzantine
Materials: Silver plate (chain); unknown stone (but it’s beautiful!)
Status: Available, $60

The Byzantine and Stone Bracelet




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