Blue Mermaid Bracelet

28 11 2011

Mermaid weave (Dragonscale) bracelet looks stunning

This beautiful blue bracelet is unique and stunning.  The chainmaille weave is called the Mermaid weave or, sometimes, Dragonscale.

Mermaid weave has two layers of rings: bright, shiny rings on the outside and a layer of dark rings on the inside. Together, they give this bracelet a three-dimensional appearance, creating the look of mermaid scales that reflect the light and sparkle.

Most people who create chainmaille jewelry won’t use the Mermaid weave because it is a challenging weave that takes a very, very long time create. With its unique and captivating design, and its ability to catch the light, this bracelet will always be noticed and admired. Every person who has seen it has remarked on how beautiful it is. (The first response is usually “Wow!”) It is truly a showcase piece of jewelry.

I plan to recreate this Mermaid bracelet twice, first using annodized blue silver plate (thus recreating the bracelet below with stronger materials) and again with polished sterling silver outer rings and “blackened” sterling silver inner rings.

See this bracelet in silver and gunmetal bronze.
See this bracelet in silver and gold.
See the analysis of this piece after 6 months of wear.


Current length: 6.5 inches (can be modified–with time)
Width: 1.25 inches
Color pattern: Metalic blue outside, deep blue inside
Flexibility: Moderate, just enough to wrap around a wrist
Clasp: Toggle clasp
Basic Weave: Mermaid (a.k.a. Dragonscale)
Materials (currently): Annodized aluminum (outside); coated copper (inside)
Status: Order in annodized blue plated copper & coated copper (like the images below), $65; order in sterling silver, $350

Beautiful Blue Mermaid Bracelet

Detail of the Mermaid chainmaille weave




2 responses

15 04 2012

Wow! This is really great. It does remind me of mermaid scales. Would you ever consider making one with gradient colors?

20 04 2012

Thanks for the compliment! I enjoyed making this one-even though it took a long time to make. Gradient colors? Sure! That would be really neat. Let’s talk. By the way-I took a look at your blog. Your jewelry is beautiful!

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