Sterling Silver Rondo a la Byzantine

7 01 2012

Sterling Silver in the Sun


See the new bracelet here.

This bracelet is gorgeous. What else is there to say?

Made with the Rondo a la Byzantine pattern, which I modified slightly, this all sterling silver bracelet is fine jewelry. Unlike other bracelets of this design, I used  smaller ring size and gauge. This has two effects. First, it isn’t as “chunky” and heavy as other bracelets, though it has a nice, dense inner weave. Second, the outer pattern has a beautiful lacy look. The final result is a bracelet that will grace a woman’s wrist and attract many compliments.

In case you’re curious, this bracelet contains just under 1.25 ounces of sterling silver. That’s actually quite a bit of silver, but not enough to make this bracelet heavy and uncomfortable. (I had this bracelet weighed on a digital scale at the jewelry supply store. When the store owner saw it, he said, “That’s a really beautiful design.” I agree!)

This bracelet is also available in silver plate, for the same beautiful look at a much lower price.


Current length: 7.0 inches (can be modified to fit, with time)
Width: 0.75 inches (noticeable without looking like a cuff)
Color pattern: All silver
Flexibility: Some flexibility along the length, enough flexibility side to side for the clasp style
Clasp: Tube clasp
Basic Weave: Side-by-side Byzantine core, helm weave outsides
Materials: Sterling silver
Status: Available on Etsy, $300 (with a different clasp)

Product ID: 120107-A

Polished in the tumbler, shining in the lights, beautiful to wear

Rondo a la Byzantine, close up. High fashion.




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