Simple Silver Byzantine Chainmaille

16 01 2012

A single strand of silver is pretty by itself.

A single silver band is all you need sometimes. Perfect for casual or semi-formal wear, this single-strand Byzantine chainmaille bracelet will add a bit of class and sparkle to dress up anyone’s wrist.

This slender silver bracelet it beautiful, not in spite of but because of it’s simplicty. You can put a little silver on your wrist to accent semi-casual wear. Wear it in the sun, and your wrist will sparkle.

Although this is silver-plated copper, it looks great. You’re looking at 99.9% silver here. It sparkles very brightly.


Current length: 7.25 inches (can be modified–with time)
Width: 3/16 inches (or just under 5 mm)
Color pattern: All silver
Flexibility: Extreme for a dangly, easy fit
Clasp: Toggle clasp
Basic Weave: Byzantine
Materials (currently): Silver plated copper
Status: Available on Etsy, $30 (order in Sterling Silver, $125)

True colors and size of this silver Byzantine chain




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