Silver and Bronze Mermaid Bracelet

18 01 2012

See the Completed Mermaid / Dragonscale Bracelet here.

This is the beginning of a work in progress. The weave is called “Mermaid” or “Dragonscale Chainmaille.” I’m speedweaving the chainmaille, so it won’t take as long as the last one. (Speedweaving is a chainmaille weaving process that uses pre-closed rings, in this case, the inner bronze-ish rings.) It will still take quite a while because this bracelet will have around 700 rings, about 96 rings to the inch!

I’m making this one a bit loose so it will wrap around a wrist. When I made the previous one (see the link), I experimented with various ring sizes and gauges to find a combination that was as dense as possible but that still had enough flexibility to be worn as a bracelet.

I’m very pleased by the color combination. The silver large rings and bronze-ish gunmetal small rings look great and give this Dragonscale bracelet an interesting 3-D look. (The big blue rings are temporary placeholders so I can remember which end is the start.) The colors in the images below aren’t quite accurate, but when the piece is finished, I’ll take pictures with better light.

Stay tuned for the completed bracelet! (See a completed Mermaid weave in blue)

Update: I’m out of 18 gauge silver plated wire (the big rings). I already used nearly 24 feet of wire! Back to the supply store. I should have bought larger spools of wire, or more spools. I’ll probably need another spool of gun-metal bronze, too. This design takes a lot of wire!

Update: I have silver plated wire finally. I had to go to 2 stores to get it, one spool from each store. The spools only have 12 feet of wire, and I think I’ll need both spools to make enough rings. I also picked up another spool of gunmetal bronze. The spools of silver plate were about 6 bucks each ($24 expected total), and the spools of gunmetal bronze are about $3 each ($9 total), making the material cost about $33! In part, this is why the Dragonscale bracelet will cost higher than others. When I next make this bracelet, I’ll order the wire from the same source where I get the 40-foot spools of 20 gauge wire. Now, I”ll make rings and get this bracelet finished. I already have my next project in mind.

Final Update: The bracelet is done! Hurrah! Now, I just need to find the perfect clasp. If I can find it today, this bracelet will be finished. I’ll completely update this post with final pictures and description.




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