Mermaid Chainmaille Bracelet in Silver and Bronze

12 02 2012

The Dragonscale / Mermaid bracelet is cool!

This bracelet gets “Wows!” It’s very noticeable when worn, and it’s facintating to look at. Designed with the “Mermaid weave” (also known as “Dragonscale chainmaille weave“), this braclet has inside and outside rings woven in opposite directions. The result, as you can see, is the appearance of scales, thus the name Mermaid or Dragonscale.

I didn’t count the rings, but it has around 95 rings to the inch, so the total is around 750 rings!  Most chainmaille jewelry artists don’t / won’t do this weave because it is very time consuming and requires a lot of wire. Also, most people who do this design use alternating rows of 2 and 3 rings. I used rows of 3 and 4 for a wider, more “in your face” look. Given the number of rings, the width, and the depth of this Mermaid bracelet, this stunning bracelet is for someone who wants to make a bold statement.

The braclet is made to fit a little loosely, which feels great. With this design, you don’t want the rings snug against the wrist so that it flows and moves. This movement accents the scale design and lets it look natural. If you love the idea of wearing chainmaille jewelry, this bracelet is a good choice.

When I first made a Dragonscale bracelet, I experimented with various ring sizes and gauges to find a combination that was as dense as possible but that still had enough flexibility for the rings to move easily. I’m very pleased by the color combination. The silver large rings and bronze gunmetal small rings look great and give this Dragonscale bracelet an interesting 3-D look. This bracelet is a sophisticated example of what chailmaille jewelry can be!

This is a unisex chainmaille bracelet. It’s wide and heavy enough for a man and also looks stunning on a woman.


Current length: 7.75 inches (can be modified down)
Width: 1.5 inches (it’s definately noticeable, similar to a cuff)
Color pattern: Silver outer rings with bronze / gunmetal inside rings
Flexibility: Moderate flexibility-easy to fit around the wrist, but only moderate side-to-side flexibility
Clasp: Tube clasp
Basic Weave: Dragonscale / Mermaid
Materials: Silver plated copper (outside) and permenantly colored copper (inside rings)
Status: Available on Etsy, $65

Close up with tube clasp

Big shine on a woman’s slender wrist




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