Full Persian Chainmaille Bracelet

18 02 2012

Full Persian in Shining Silver-so sexy!

As you can see, I’m still taking my little diversion from the Byzantine chainmaille weave. This beautiful bracelet features the beautiful Full Persian chainmaille pattern. It is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s flashy without being blatant, but it’s flashy enough for a little “bling” on a man’s or woman’s wrist.

This is a unisex bracelet. It’s wide enough to be worn on a man’s wrist, sexy enough to be on a woman’s. (I wore it for a couple of hours to see how it felt, and it felt great.)

The Full Persian weave makes a nice round rope chain, and the repeating pattern makes a solid-looking chain that is not nearly as heavy as it looks. This pattern is also easy to shorten or lengthen, as needed, without too much effort. As such, it can be easily modified to fit your wrist.

I have a similar bracelet in Sterling Silver here.

Technical details: The rings have an aspect ratio of 5.5, which is about as tight as this weave can get and still have sufficient flexibility to wrap a wrist. You may have noticed that I like nice, tight weaves and that I don’t like loose, floppy rings. The rings are silver-plated copper. What you’re looking at is 99.9% pure silver.


Current length: 8.25 inches (easy to modify from 6.5 to 8.75)
Width: .25 inches
Color pattern: All silver
Flexibility: Very, more than enough to “slither” around a wrist
Clasp: Toggle clasp
Basic Weave: Full Persian
Materials: Silver-plated copper (99.9% silver plate)
Status: Available on Etsy, Custom order for $35

Bling for a woman or man!

Full Persian sparkling in the sun




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