Pink and Brown Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet

9 04 2012

Pink and Brown Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet

This is a very sweet 2-way byzantine bracelet. At one view, it is pink with brown highlights (see above). At another view, it is brown with pink highlights (see below)!

I love the look of the byzantine chainmaille pattern. It looks complex with rings folding back over other rings. Although I sometimes make more complex chainmaille jewelry starting with this pattern, here, I just wanted a simple chain with a great color combination. That’s the fun of chainmaille jewelry: you can do so many things with it.

These two colors look fantastic together. When I was only halfway though making this chain, my very best friend asked for it. Of course, I said “yes.” That’s her wrist you see in the photos. Isn’t it pretty?

All the rings are saw-cut for tight closures, and I hand file the cuts to remove any metalic burrs. The result is a smooth, clean chain that won’t catch on clothes or scratch your skin. This takes a little longer to do, but it’s worth it.

If you want one like this, I’ll be happy to make one for you. Because I make my own rings, I can make many color combinations and patterns. Do you have favorite colors? Just ask. If I can get the wire in the right colors (and I have lots of colored wire), I’ll make the chainmaille bracelet in the colors you want.


Current length: 6.25 inches (easy to modify from 6.5 to 8.75)
Width: .25 inches
Color pattern: brown (really, a purplish-brown) and light baby pink
Flexibility: Extreme
Clasp: Heart-shaped toggle clasp in rose gold
Basic Weave: Byzantine
Materials: Colored copper chain, rose gold plated toggle
Status: Order only

Chainmaille Bracelet with Pink and Brown Byzantine

True colors in the sun.




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16 05 2012

Reblogged this on Whispering Iris and commented:
I really enjoy this chain maille site. This guy’s work is different form others I’ve seen.

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