Double Vipera Berus Chainmaille Bracelet

22 04 2012

Vipera Berus doesn’t bite-it sparkles!

This is a simple, sweet bracelet. The Vipera Berus pattern makes a slinky look, much like the half persian chainmaille weave. It is a lacy bracelet, but I doubled the center rings to make a denser, back-and-forth pattern down the center of the bracelet. The doubled rings also give this silver bracelet more strength. As a result, this silver chainmaille bracelet will make a great accent piece for a woman’s wrist.

This chainmaille bracelet is one of those pieces that adds beauty through simplicity.  And yet, it’s intricate enough that it will get you a lot of compliments.

The large, overlapping rings that orbit the inner criss-cross rings are intended to make this chainmaille bracelet look like the Vipera Berus (hence the name). This bracelet has two sizes of rings. Once I make colored rings in the size I need for the inner rings, I’ll make a few more of these, using different colors for the center.


Current length: 7.25 inches (easy to modify from 6.5 to 8.0)
Width: 3/8 inches
Color pattern: all silver
Flexibility: Extreme
Clasp: Simple toggle clasp
Basic Weave: Vipera Berus
Materials: Silver-plated copper (99.9% silver)
Status: SOLD – Want one? Send me an e-mail, and I’ll make one for you!

Vipera Berus as it’s meant to be worn: sparkling on a woman’s wrist!

Silver Chainmaille Bracelet, so lacy!

Simple yet elegant.

The real Vipera Berus, for which this lacy bracelet was named




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