Sterling Silver Full Persian Chainmaille Bracelet for Men

24 06 2012

Sterling Silver Full Persian Chainmaille Bracelet for Men

Men wear jewelry, too. This full persian, sterling silver chainmaille bracelet is designed for a man. It’s a handsome bracelet for adding a subtle yet attractive “bling” to a man’s wardrobe. This bracelet is sexy and sophisticated without being “pretty.” It practically shouts confidence and success. This is, without a doubt, a bracelet for a well-dressed man.

This silver bracelet is designed in the full persian weave, a pattern of interlocking rings that makes a dense but light chain suitable for both casual and formal wear.  Because this man’s chainmaille bracelet is made with half-hard, sterling silver wire, it will hold its shape and attractiveness for a long, long time.

Face it, men are harder on their jewelry than women are, and they are more likely to toss it on the dresser at night than they are to place it carefully in a jewelry case. Although this bracelet is silver, it is strong enough to withstand such treatment. What this means is that the man who wears this silver full persian chainmaille bracelet will keep enjoying it.

I have a similar bracelet in silver-plate here.

My jewelry is set apart from others’ jewelry by my attention to detail. I work under a magnifier to ensure that all rings close properly. One side of a ring isn’t higher than the other, and the rings fully close. This reduces the possibility of scratching the skin or snagging on clothing. I also hand file any metal burrs caused by cutting the wire. This attention to detail means the rings are less likely to lose their shape or to open when worn and that the overall piece will be comfortable to wear.


Current length: 9.0 inches (Easy to lengthen or shorten-just e-mail me.)
Width: 1/4 inches
Flexibility: Moderate: Flexible enough to wrap around a wrist and flow naturally, but dense enough to keep its shape
Clasp: Simple, heavy sterling silver toggle clasp (Lobster clasp available, too)
Basic Weave: Full Persian 4-in-1 chainmaille weave
Materials: All sterling silver (0.925 silver)
Weight: 22.68 grams
Status: Available on Etsy , $124

Product ID: 120624-A

(That’s my bracelet in the video. I’ve worn it almost every day for about 6 months–still looks great! Last polished about a month ago. Yours will be brand new.)

More pictures.
Click on a picture for a larger view, and then “go back” to return to this page.

On my wrist in the sun. Not too wide, not too delicate. Very shiny.

Close up, it’s even more stunning.

Full persian man’s bracelet in sterling siver




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24 06 2012

I love this! Shiny, lovely, too expensive for me to work with, silver. Greay guy piece.

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