Byzantine-Mobius Sterling Silver Chainmaille Bracelet

8 08 2012

The title pretty much says what this bracelet is. For this beautiful bracelet, I intermingled the intricacy and complexity of the byzantine pattern with the flowery, sunny look of mobius coils. The result is a very sexy, very sophisticated petite bracelet with plenty of design guaranteed to make other women say “Oh, I want that!”

This is not a “chunky” bracelet. This is a refined, dress-up accent piece. It lets other people know that you are feeling glamorous.

(Mobius flowers? Mobius flowers, or mobius coils, are interlocking rings that make a spiral-like design. Here, the mobius flowers have three rings. Mobius coils are sometimes called “Lovers’ Knots”!)

This is 100% sterling silver, tumble-polished to a high shine. The bracelet definately has that professional jewelry store look!

This bracelet has a matching necklace! See the necklace here.


Current length: 7.0 inches (easy to modify, longer or shorter, in about 0.25 inch increments)
Width: 3/16 inches (main chain); 5/16 (mobius flowers)
Color pattern: All silver
Flexibility: Very slinky, very flexible
Clasp: Sterling silver toggle clasp (complex design = simple clasp)
Basic Weaves: Byzantine and Mobius
Materials: 100% sterling silver
Status: Available on Etsy, $65 (no cost increase to 7.5 inches)

Product ID: 120808-A

Sterling Silver is so, so pretty. And in this bracelet…stunning!

This Sterling Silver bracelet sparkles in the sun!




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