Byzantine Mobius Sterling Silver Necklace

13 08 2012

Beautiful and Delicate Sterling Silver Necklace

Last week, I finished a byzantine-mobius bracelet, and it looked so pretty that I made a matching necklace! This necklace is 18 inches long and features a large 10-ring mobius coil (a.k.a. Lovers Knot) as  focal center piece. It looks amazing.

See the bracelet here.

Together with the bracelet, this jewelry set is very glamorous. The byzantine weave provides an intricate design and pattern, and the mobius coils used as spacers provide accents throughout. Indeed, the mobius units breaks the byzantine pattern to give the entire piece greater design without being pretentious. Think “subtle beauty.”

Attention to detail: Careful matching of ring size and wire gauge so the jewelry isn’t stiff or the rings aren’t “floppy.” All rings close tightly with no unsightly gaps. Edges are hand filed to remove any metal burrs caused by cutting. This attention to detail means the rings are less likely to lose their shape or to open when worn and that the overall piece will be comfortable to wear. Finally, sterling silver pieces are polished in a tumbler for a professional jewelry store appearance and shine.


Length: 18 inches (easy to modify, longer or shorter, in about 0.5 inch increments. Up to 19 inches at no extra charge)
Width: 3/16 inches (main chain); 5/16 (mobius flowers)
Clasp: Sterling silver toggle clasp (complex design = simple clasp)
Basic Weaves: Byzantine and Mobius
Materials: 100% sterling silver
Status: Available on Etsy, $170 (SOLD, but I’ll likely make another)

Product ID: 121813-A

This necklace hangs nicely

This byzantine-mobius necklace is beautiful fine jewelry

The entire necklace, showing the mobius accents




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