Silver and Gold Dragonscale Chainmaille Bracelet

1 09 2012

A slinky, sexy gold and silver bracelet

Slinky, shiny, sexy, and sophisticted. This gold and silver-toned dragonscale bracelet is a wonder to look at. The dragonscale chainmaille weave is a complex and beautiful. The weave is also sometimes called the mermaid chainmaille weave.

It has smaller inside rings facing one direction and larger outside rings layered in the opposite direction. The resulting weave looks like fish (or dragon!) scales, hence the name. Few jewelers will make this design because it takes a long, long time to make–it’s more time-consuming than any other chainmaille weave I make. On the other hand, the result is worth the work. Due to the inside and outside rings, the bracelet appears to have greater depth, and with the gold rings inside, the effect is subtle and classy.

In this bracelet, I used brass and silver-plated rings to give this bracelet its silver and gold look. Personally, I’m very pleased with the outcome. Even with these materials, this is a dressy piece that will, without a doubt, get noticed and praised.

I have other versions of this weave, both of which are wider, more in-your-face than this one:

Attention to detail: Careful matching of ring size and wire gauge so the jewelry isn’t stiff or the rings aren’t “floppy.” All rings close tightly with no unsightly gaps. Edges are hand filed to remove any metal burrs caused by cutting. This attention to detail means the rings are less likely to lose their shape or to open when worn and that the overall piece will be comfortable to wear.

Want this bracelet in sterling silver and gold-fill? I would love to make it for you. Just ask for details.


Length: 7.5 inches (can be modified larger or smaller in 1/8 inch increments, up to 8″)
Width: 1 inch
Color pattern: Silver and gold
Flexibility: Very slinky, very flexible
Clasp: Toggle clasp (complex design = simple clasp)
Basic Weaves: Dragonscale weave (or mermaid weave)
Materials: Silver plated-copper, brass
Status: Available on Etsy, $80

The Mermaid Bracelet true colors in the sun.

Detail of the Dragonscale Chainmaille Weave

Flexible and slinky gold and silver Mermaid bracelet

Full-length view of this stunning bracelet




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