Turkish Roundmaille Silver Chainmaille Bracelet

9 09 2012

Turkish Roundmaille Silver Bracelet

Turkish Round chainmaille combines the intricacy of Byzantine chainmaille and the round shape of Roundmaille, creating a beautiful–and noticeable–bracelet. This bracelet is ready to make a statement.

If you’ve been browsing my other pieces, you know that I like the Byzantine chainmaille weave. On the other hand, I wanted to work with a weave that was a little different than my normal chains. I also didn’t want to work on a piece that takes as many hours as the gold and silver dragonscale bracelet I just finished. The Turkish Round was the answer. This morning, I cut rings and dipped my pliers. This afternoon, I made the bracelet you see here.

This weave looks complicated, with rings facing in many directions to catch the light. The bracelet has a ropey look, but with over 260 rings (about 36 rings per inch) and a nice, dense weave, it feels smooth when worn. It also has a nice weight: light enough to be comfortable, but you’ll definately feel it on your wrist.

(If you’re familiar with chainmaille patterns but not the Turkish Round, this is a 3-sided Byzantine weave! You can find a good tutorial on the Resources page.)

The bracelet shown is in silver-plated copper, so you’re looking at 99.9% silver. If you have the cash and want to treat yourself to something really, really special, order this one in sterling silver (or, even, 14Kt gold fill). Regardless of the material, this bracelet is an eye-catcher.

Attention to detail: Careful matching of ring size and wire gauge so the jewelry isn’t stiff or the rings aren’t “floppy.” All rings close tightly with no unsightly gaps. Edges are hand filed, as needed, to remove any metal burrs caused by cutting. This attention to detail means the rings are less likely to lose their shape or to open when worn and that the overall piece will be comfortable to wear.

Length: 7.25 inches (can be modified larger or smaller in 1/4-inch increments, up to 8″)
Width: 0.25 inch
Flexibility: Very slinky, very flexible
Clasp: Toggle clasp (complex design = simple clasp)
Basic Weaves: Turkish Round (or Turkish Roundmaille)
Materials: Silver plated-copper
Status: Available on Etsy, $45

Close-up view showing the Turkish Round pattern–it’s neat!

Shiny Silver Bracelet in Turkish Round Weave

Turkish Round bracelet on a very slender wrist




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