Silver and Black Celtic Stars

20 09 2012

Black and Silver Celtic Star close-up

Celtic Stars are a modification of the chainmaille weave called “Celtic Chain,” which, itself, is a variation of the weave called “Helm Mail.” However, because the Celtic Star is a circular pattern, it is more challenging to make than either of the others. As you can see, the large rings (black rings) are laced together by the smaller rings (silver rings). They create a flower-like pattern.

The inside rings give this chainmaille weave its name because they create the pattern of a star burst. Most Celtic Stars have only one small ring to link the centers of the large rings, but, as you can see here, I added three rings. I think it helps accent the star burst pattern very nicely.

The most interesting part of making these was getting the right combination of ring sizes and wire gauge. I actually used 5 different ring types!

I added a hook to the top so these can be hung on a rear-view mirror, on a hanger on a wall or door, on a Christmas tree, in a window, or on whatever. I will likely make more Celtic Stars using combinations of silver, green, and red to make Christmas tree ornaments.


Length: 4.25 inches (Celtic Star plus hook; hook = 2.75 inches)
Width: just under 1.5 inches wide at the widest points
Materials: Silver plated-copper, black-coated copper
Status: Available on Etsy, $12

Celtic Star and Hook




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