Sterling Silver Man’s Box Chain Bracelet

1 11 2012

Sterling Silver Chainmaille Bracelet

A man’s bracelet. A sterling silver bracelet for a successful man. This sterling silver bracelet has enough weight and size to look perfect on a man’s wrist. (Of course, if you’re a woman who perfers heavier jewelry, you, too, will love this bracelet!)

Made in the box chain chainmaille weave, this sterling silver chainmaille bracelet has a dense pattern of woven rings, making a great band of silver. In fact, with 18 gauge sterling silver wire, this is one of the most dense bracelets I make–there’s a lot of silver in there! This man’s bracelet has about 40 rings per inch. I tumble polished it for a professional, jewelry store shine. You can see how it shines in the sun.

The bracelet is slightly wider than it is tall, so it doesn’t stand up too much from the wrist. These dimensions also give the bracelet a great, slinky feel. (I wore it for about an hour to see how it feels. It felt great, very comfortable.)

The last picture below is a comparison of the box chain and the full persian chain. I wear my sterling silver full persian almost every day.


Current length: 8.25 inches (can be shortened or lengthened up to 8.5″ at no extra charge)
Width: 3/8 inches
Flexibility: Very slinky and smooth
Clasp: Sterling Silver toggle clasp
Basic Weave: Box Chain
Materials: 100% Sterling Silver (0.925% silver)
Status: Available on Etsy, $190

Product ID: 121101-A

Wearing a sterling silver box chain

Straight box chain chainmaille man’s bracelet

This sterling silver man’s bracelet really shines!

Full Persian vs. Box Chain chainmaille bracelets




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