Just sold-customized sterling silver bracelet

21 12 2012


I just sold this bracelet.

This is a beautiful unisex bracelet, and I’m guessing that this one is going to a man. I had an inquiry from an Etsy shopper who wanted the bracelet lengthened to 9 inches (which is why I think it’s for a man) and a lobster clasp.

Of course, I said yes.

Fortunately, I had a sterling silver lobster clasp in my supply box, along with some heavy soldered sterling silver rings, which I use with the lobster clasps. After I lengthened the bracelet and added the clasp, I put it in my tumbler for about 25 minutes to give it a great shine. The picture above doesn’t begin to show how shiny it is. The cost was $90, which, considering the length and time for modifying it, is a great price.

I wear a similar bracelet, as seen here:

You just can't beat silver for shine. This sterling silver bracelet says "I'm successful, and I'm confident."

Mine has a toggle clasp, which is the only real difference. I find toggle clasps easier to use. I’m very dextrous with my tools, but my fingers can be a bit clumsy.

The advantage of buying from the jewelry maker, as opposed to buying from a store, is that you can get what you want. The Etsy buyer wanted a lobster clasp, and that’s what she will get.

Assuming that this is for a gift, I think the recipient will really like it. As I said, this is a great bracelet. I really enjoy wearing mine. People see it and think, “This guy’s a success. He’s stylish.”




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