Silver and Green Viper Basket

18 01 2013
Silver and green viper basket chainmaille bracelet

Silver and green viper basket chainmaille bracelet

I’ve always liked this chainmaille weave. It’s simple, subtle, and sweet. Now, with the green and silver links running down the middle, this Viper Basket chainmaille bracelet has enough just color to make it stand out.

Normally, this weave calls for an interlocking pattern of 2 rings criss-crossing down the center. Here, I have a chain of three rings, with the center silver ring. This gives the piece more texture and prevents the dark green from becoming overwhelming, so the silver is highlighted, as well.

This bracelet lays fairly flat on the wrist, not ropey and round like the Byzantine or Full Persian chainmaille weaves. It’s more of a wardrobe accent piece than a show piece. Even so, it’s dressy and classy.

Materials and upgrade: This bracelet is made with silver-plated wire (99.9% silver on a copper core) and permenantly colored green silver-plated wire. Using the silver-plated wires allows me to use colors. If you want a sterling silver viper basket chainmaille bracelet, your options are

  1. All sterling silver, with the same weave;
  2. All sterling silver, with “blackened” rings in place of the green rings (personally, I think this would look very nice!); and
  3. All sterling silver in a heavier gauge (thicker) sterling silver wire, with an inner chain of interlocking pairs of rings (2 rings, not 3).

Gold-filled (14 karet) options are available, too. Just ask.

Attention to detial: As with all my bracelets, this one began as a spool of raw wire, which I formed into rings and saw-cut for precise measurements and a clean closure. Working under a magnifier, I make sure all closures are tight and accurate, with no unsightly gaps or mis-matched faces.


  • Weave: Viper Basket Chainmaille Weave
  • Length: 7.25 inches (fairly easy to shorten or lengthen)
  • Width: 3/8 inches
  • Clasp: Toggle
  • Materials: Silver-plated wire, permenantly colored silver-plated wire
  • Status: Available on Etsy, $25

Product ID: 130118-A

Click images for larger view


Side view of the silver chainmaille bracelet


True colors in natural light. Pretty, right?


Toggle clasp and setting of the Viper Basket chainmaille bracelet

Close-up view of the weave

Close-up view of the weave




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