Step-by-Step Jewelry Making Process

22 04 2013

Many people, perhaps most, do not appreciate all the steps and all the time involved in making a beautiful bracelet. The purpose of this video is to show how much effort goes into making a bracelet that someone will wear and enjoy.

This video shows the entire chainmaille jewelry making process, from coiling the raw wire through final polishing. It includes step-by-step pictures with instructive captions. In this video, I’m making a man’s copper bracelet in the box chain weave (see picture below), but the basic process is the same for all other chainmaille jewelry.

The video is 4:08 and has a music background. You’ll see me at 0:51 (well, part of me, anyway). I recommend viewing this video in full-screen mode.

(This is not a chainmaille tutorial for making the box chain. Instead, this video demonstrates all the steps in the jewelry making process. If you want tutorials, check out the bottom of the Chainmaille Resources page.)

General Steps Demonstrated in the Video

1. Coil the wire.

2. Cut the wire into rings and clean them.

[Not shown: Clean the cutting tools.]

3. Prepare the rings individually: opening rings and filing edges.

4. Weave the Box Chain bracelet.

5. Tumble polish the bracelet.

6. Clean out the tumbler and tumbling matrix.

7. Display the bracelet.

The Bracelet Made During the Video

Man's Copper Box Chain Demonstrated in the Video

Man’s Copper Box Chain Demonstrated in the Video



5 responses

23 04 2013

This is a really neat video. Glad to see more people working with copper. What do you do to keep the copper from staining the skin?

24 04 2013

Thanks for the compliment on the video.

Regarding stains from copper: I’ve had one buyer mention this problem, and I’m looking into various types of metal sealants. To study this problem, I made a copper bracelet for myself, and I’m hoping it will stain my skin, too. If it does, I’ll be able to test various sealing products. I’ll eventually add a blog post about this problem and any solution I find.

25 04 2013

WOW!! That really turned out great. So cute, I would definitely wear that. Thanks for the video and post it was very easy to follow. I love jewelry making!!

26 04 2013

It’s a great video, I’m starting with chainmailling and I find it very addictive! How long does it take you to make a bracelet like this?

28 04 2013

I don’t time myself because I usually start and stop a few times. As a rough estimate, however, I might need 4 hours, from coiling the rings to putting the bracelet in the tumbler. The part that seems to take the most time is preparing the rings for weaving, particularly the light filing of the sharp cut edges. I suspect that most jewelers don’t do this step (based on what I have seen), but I think it’s essential. By lightly filing the edges, the rings close more smoothly and exactly, and the edges are far less likely to scratch the skin.

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