Dragonscale Speed Weaving Tutorial PDF

25 08 2013


When I show people my dragonscale chainmaille bracelets, I generally get the same question: “Wow! How did you do that?” My typical response is “With a lot of patience.”

Although I have posted advice for making dragonscale, I have never really answered the question. Now, I’m answering it fully.

I just created / wrote a dragonscale speed weaving tutorial in PDF for people who want to make this exceptional chainmaille weave. It goes through the process step-by-step.

Every step contains photos, highlights, particular things to notice in the images, and helpful hints from someone who has made a lot of dragonscale–me! I also provide advice for using different ring sizes and weaving different widths.

In this speed weaving technique, all the smaller rings are pre-closed. Doing it this way is much, much easier than adding each ring individually. It’s also faster (which is why it’s called speed weaving, right?).

Availability: The tutorial is available for instant download from Etsy.

Cost: $4.95

Images from the dragonscale PDF tutorial:

(Click for a larger view.)






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