Sterling Silver Candy Cane Cord

20 10 2013
Sterling silver candy cane bracelet

Sterling silver candy cane bracelet

A beautiful sterling silver women’s chain bracelet. The Candy Cane Cord chainmaille weave is fine jewelry. A sparkling, intricate, and glamorous show-off piece. It features an open, lacy look.

This is the second bracelet I’m selling of this design. I have a similar bracelet in silver plate and a slightly denser weave. I made these as a fun diversion from the more complex, denser weaves I usually make. I think they came out quite nicely, don’t you?

The Candy Cane Cord is a lesser-known variation of the Full Persian chain weave, so you will likely be the only person who has one–to the envy of your friends. It features a really neat criss-cross pattern that gives this bracelet its lacy look. Also, the criss-cross pattern gives the bracelet a fuller, more dense look without adding weight.

The chain is all sterling silver and all handmade. I started with raw sterling silver wire, made individual rings, and then painstakingly wove them together one at a time. A long process, but the resulting bracelet is exceptional. The heart toggle clasp (which I did not make) is also sterling silver. Treat this bracelet as fine jewelry, and it will give you pleasure for years.

Tumble polished for a high shine. I’ll tumble it again just before shipping.

Saw cut rings, not snipped.
Exact ring closures without gaps or off-set connections.
Perfect weaving, no “goofs” in the design.
Filed cuts, so no metals burrs, scratching, or catching on clothes

7.5 inches. Can be resized longer or shorter from 7.0 to 8.0 inches. Add about 1/2 inch to your wrist size for a good fit. Go longer if in doubt. Because this bracelet has a toggle clasp, it is made to fit a little loosely.

0.7 ounces (0.7381 troy ounces, 19.85 grams). A very comfortable weight. You will know you’re wearing something beautiful.

STATUS: Available in the Shop, from $75

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