Green and Gold Dragonsteps Bracelet

4 11 2013
Dragon Steps Chainmaille Bracelet

Dragon Steps Chainmaille Bracelet

A great-looking green and gold chain bracelet featuring the Dragon Steps chainmaille weave. The parallel lines of gold stand out against the green background to create a unique and classy appearance at a low cost.

This is a fun chain weave to make, and it looks very nice when worn. The back-and-forth pattern of gold rings is supposed to look like dragon tracks, but I have never seen the tracks of a real dragon, so I cannot confirm that this is how they look.

Length shown: 7.5 inches, but can be modified in 1/4-inch increments
Materials: Jewelers’ brass (for the gold rings), colored copper (for the green rings)

Attention to Detail: I cut the rings myself from a wire coil, and I file any sharp edges, so each ring makes a complete and smooth closure. This bracelet will be comfortable to wear and will retain its attractiveness.

Status: Available in the shop, $25

More Pictures:

Side View

Side View




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