My Two Favorite Weaves

4 01 2014

At last count, I create 17 different chainmaille weaves. You can see the list here.

However, two are my favorite: The JPL and the Rondo a la Byzantine.

The Jens Pind Linkage (JPL)


Silver bracelet with gold accent--very classy!

Silver bracelet with gold accent–very classy!


This weave makes a very classy chain for jewelry. It’s less intricate than the byzantine chain and similar rope weaves, by far, although it is also far harder to get started and requires much more specific ring sizes.

As a chainmaille weave, there is not much I can do with it other than make it longer or thicker, or to add other weaves to it on the end. But that’s ok. The weave pattern is very nice and, as I said, has a very classy, refined look.

Rondo a la Byzantine

Sterling silver, high shine, amazing!

Sterling silver, high shine, amazing!

This weave makes for a broad and highly sophisticated bracelet. It does not make a chain, by normal definitions, but it is chainmaille jewelry. Indeed, this weave shows best how chainmaille techniques create not just chainmaille but also jewelry.

The Rondo a la Byzantine combines helm weave (on the top and bottom) and single byzantine units (the middle section). This weave takes quite a long time to create, compared to JPL. But the result is worth the labor. It also contains a lot of wire, making a noticeable weight. This image shows the Rondo a la Byzantine in Sterling Silver, and it contains around 1.8 ounces of silver.




2 responses

5 01 2014

I just recently taught myself the Jens Pond weave and so far it is my favorite as well. I coil and saw cut my own rings and it was very challenging. I used 18g gold filled wire with a 3mm ID. After much trial and error I finally got it. Seeing the finished bracelet was worth every minute .

10 01 2014

I use those ring sizes, too, and the chain looks great. Congratulations on learning this weave! I’m sure it was very pretty in gold fill.

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