Video Discussion of Chainmaille Jewelry Gallery

22 03 2014

A 11.5 minute video in which I discuss some of the pieces in the chainmaille jewelry gallery, talk about the chainmaille weaves, and describe how the chain jewelry is made.

Yes, that’s really me talking on the video.

Contents and Weaves

Title Slide


  • Rondo a la Byzantine (sterling silver)
  • Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) (silver plate, brass, copper)
  • Bees and Butterflies (silver plate, brass)
  • Byzantine Ladder (fuchsia anodized silver plate, silver plate)
  • Byzantine Ladder (black coated copper, silver plate, lavender anodized silver plate)
  • Byzantine (metallic pink anodized silver plate)
  • Byzantine (metallic pink anodized silver plate, brown/purple anodized silver plate)
  • Byzantine with Hearts (black coated copper, sterling silver hearts)
  • Box Chain (pure copper)

promo slide:


  • Dragonsteps (green anodized copper, brass) Box chain (14K gold fill)
  • 4-strand byzantine with blue diagonals (silver plate, blue anodized silver plate)
  • Beaded byzantine (silver plate, carnelian beads, turquoise beads)
  • Beaded byzantine (silver plate, silver plated beads)
  • Beaded byzantine (silver plate, carnelian beads)
  • Dragonscale, narrow (silver plate, brass)
  • Dragonscale, wide (silver plate, gunmetal bronze anodized silver plate)

promo slide:


  • Turkish round (silver plate)
  • Viper basket (silver plate, green anodized silver plate)
  • Viper basket (silver plate)
  • Half Persian 3 in 1 (silver plate, brass)
  • 3-strand byzantine (sterling silver)
  • Byzantine – Lovers’ Knots bracelet (sterling silver)
  • Byzantine – Lovers’ Knots necklace (sterling silver)
  • Box chain (sterling silver)

promo slide:


  • Candy Cane Cord (sterling silver)
  • Full Persian (sterling silver)
  • Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) (sterling silver, 14K gold fill)
  • Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) (sterling silver)

Closing Slide




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