Just Sold-Sterling Silver Lovers Knot Necklace

3 07 2013

What a nice way to start the holiday: I just sold a very nice, very beautiful necklace.

This is the necklace:

Beautiful and Delicate Sterling Silver Necklace

Beautiful and Delicate Sterling Silver Necklace


This necklace combines the intricacy of byzantine weave with the open, flowery look of lovers’ knots (a.k.a. Mobius coils). This necklace is 100% sterling silver. Before shipping it out, I will tumble it for about an hour, which will give it a super-high shine.

This necklace was purchased on Etsy, where I maintain a shop. On one hand, I’m a bit sad to see it go. Like all my pieces, I put a lot of effort into making it. On the other hand, I’m pleased that someone will be wearing and enjoying it. After all, that’s a main reason why I make jewelry!

You can read more about this necklace here.


Just Sold-Sterling Silver Box Chain

21 02 2013

I just sold this sterling silver man’s chainmaille bracelet:

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Man’s Sterling Silver Bracelet

This is a really great bracelet made in the box chain chainmaille weave, and I think the buyer is going to be really happy with it. It’s “bling-y” without being too ostentatious.

This is one of those pieces that men can wear in any situation. Wear it with a tie and dressy clothes, and you will exude confidence and style. Wear it with casual clothes, and you’ll feel snazzy.

This all sterling silver bracelet weighs 1.2 ounces, so it has a noticeable weight. On the other hand,  it is very comfortable to wear because it is wider than tall (if you know what I mean) so that the weight is well distributed across the wrist.

I’m pleased that someone bought it. I very happy knowing that this bracelet will be worn and enjoyed. For me, that’s the best part of making jewelry.

(Want one of your own? Order one, and I’ll be glad to make one for you! You can order it from my Etsy shop.)

Happy with Sales

10 01 2013

I’m happy. How often do you say that to yourself? “I’m happy.”

I recently sold several items, but that’s not why I’m happy. I’m happy because my buyer is happy with her purchases.

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Just sold-customized sterling silver bracelet

21 12 2012


I just sold this bracelet.

This is a beautiful unisex bracelet, and I’m guessing that this one is going to a man. I had an inquiry from an Etsy shopper who wanted the bracelet lengthened to 9 inches (which is why I think it’s for a man) and a lobster clasp.

Of course, I said yes.

Fortunately, I had a sterling silver lobster clasp in my supply box, along with some heavy soldered sterling silver rings, which I use with the lobster clasps. After I lengthened the bracelet and added the clasp, I put it in my tumbler for about 25 minutes to give it a great shine. The picture above doesn’t begin to show how shiny it is. The cost was $90, which, considering the length and time for modifying it, is a great price.

I wear a similar bracelet, as seen here:

You just can't beat silver for shine. This sterling silver bracelet says "I'm successful, and I'm confident."

Mine has a toggle clasp, which is the only real difference. I find toggle clasps easier to use. I’m very dextrous with my tools, but my fingers can be a bit clumsy.

The advantage of buying from the jewelry maker, as opposed to buying from a store, is that you can get what you want. The Etsy buyer wanted a lobster clasp, and that’s what she will get.

Assuming that this is for a gift, I think the recipient will really like it. As I said, this is a great bracelet. I really enjoy wearing mine. People see it and think, “This guy’s a success. He’s stylish.”

Silver Beaded Bracelet – SOLD

14 07 2012

It was bound to happen. One of my favorite bracelets was just sold!

The Silver Beaded Byzantine Bracelet sold for $45 on ETSY yesterday. Someone is getting a really pretty bracelet!

Silver Chain + Silver Beads = Beautiful

More Details about this Bracelet

I’m planning to make another one soon! Mustn’t keep the buyers waiting, right? I’ll make it in silver plate again, but I’m seriously considering making it in all sterling silver. I have sufficient sterling silver wire for the chain. I’ll need to locate the sterling silver beads. I don’t make beads, although I used to make them when I was silversmithing.

The cost for the next silver plated bracelet will, again, be $45. The sterling silver bracelet will be $150.