Making Jump Rings for Chainmaille – Video

27 11 2014

I have an order for a sterling silver Full Persian chainmaille bracelet, just like the one that I regularly wear. I didn’t have the jump rings I needed for the chainmaille bracelet, so I had to make some. That gave me a great idea: make a video so people can see all the steps to making jump rings for chainmaille.

Full persian unisex bracelet in sterling siver

Full Persian unisex bracelet in sterling siver

In the video below, I’m using 20 gauge (awg) sterling silver wire, 4.5 mm inner diameter. (With this size ring, the aspect ratio is 5.56, which is perfect for this chainmaille weave.)

You don’t see it in the video, but I actually made and cut 7 coils of rings. The video only shows me making and cutting one coil of wire. The video is 10:32, even after I cut out all the boring parts.

Once the bracelet is complete, I’ll put a lobster claw clasp on it and polish it in the tumber for an hour or so. It will be fantastic. The picture on the left shows what it will look like once I finish it–probably tomorrow.

This bracelet is available in the ChainOfBeauty shop in both 20 gauge rings (as shown here) and in larger 18 gauge rings. See the medium sized (20 gauge) bracelet. See the large (18 gauge) bracelet.

Video of Jump Ring Making


Gold-filled Micro JPL Bracelet

1 09 2014

This gold filled handmade bracelet is the smallest bracelet I make: not smallest in length but the chain with the smallest rings. The result is fantastic! A handmade gold filled unique and classy bracelet – what could be finer?

See, some people like big chunky chain, and other people like petite, fine chains. This micromaille bracelet is for the people who like refined, classy chains that provide a bit of flash without being too obvious.

This bracelet as shown is in jeweler’s brass. It is a demonstration. The “real” bracelet is in 14/20 gold filled wire, which means it will be a heavy layer of 14K gold bonded on a brass wire. Gold filled wire keeps it appearance for years, unlike gold-plated wire in which the gold plating wears off fairly soon under regular use.

Why is this the smallest bracelet? I can’t make rings any smaller than these. They are only 2.0 mm inside diameter. My jeweler’s saw can’t cut smaller rings, but that is ok with me. These are very difficult to work with, being so small, especially when just starting the chain. Also, because the rings are so small, making a chain takes a long, long time. Each ring adds about 1 mm to the length, about 0.04 inches. (See more about making this chain here.)


Length shown: 7.5 inches
Material: jeweler’s brass demo-final in 14/20 gold fill
Availability: Available in the shop, starting around $65, depending on gold market prices

More pictures

The micro chainmaille JPL

The micro chainmaille JPL


Classy handmade gold filled chain bracelet

Classy handmade gold filled chain bracelet


Gold accent jewelry handmade chain - Micromaille JPL

Gold accent jewelry handmade chain – Micromaille JPL

Bird on stone

1 09 2014

This artisan continues to amaze me with her creativity. So many wonderful things.

Whispering Iris

I had this stone in a stash of other stones for a few years now. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It’s not semi-precious, so, at first glance it didn’t have a lot going for it. No sparkle, no shine. I decided to do some wire work but wanted to embellish it to give it a little more life. I saw a tip  in one of my magazines about using Staz-on ink to jazz up stones. The ink is permanent and won’t come off, even with soap and water. So, I got myself some black Staz-on ink and stamped a bird image on the stone. This made all the difference without adding too much flare. It kind of has a Zen appeal to it. The final result is shown below!

100_3924 100_3929 100_3931

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This year’s presents for sis.

3 10 2013

Very pretty earrings-such talent!

Whispering Iris

My sister got some new earrings and other stuff to play with this weekend for her birthday.

I haven’t had much time to play (make stuff), and I’ve grown weary of Etsy. I think I currently have six items listed on my Etsy shop. I’m looking into other options. It was a bust for craft fairs this summer. I didn’t have the time or the energy to put my all into selling. It was a bummer, but like I told my mom, “You’ll have to drop a piano on my head to keep me from making jewelry.” Wish I had more exciting stuff to blog about, but I don’t.

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The first of a three part interview with my artist brother, George Padilla.

4 07 2013

Good stuff in the video-lots of interesting perspectives on art and art making.

Whispering Iris

My brother has been creative ever since I can remember. He’s dabbled in culinary arts and interior decorating, which cultivated sewing and paper crafts. His creativity has evolved into a culmination of everything that he does. He currently works on canvas using incostics (he explains incostics to dorky me in the video), acrylics, found objects, and paper.

I find my brother to be multifaceted and, like me, he’s mostly self taught in the current artwork that he does. If you can look past my dorkiness in this interview, you’ll find my brother to be articulate and engaging. He’s been a big influence and inspiration to me and I’m happy to present to you his own personal journey with art. This will be a three part video blog. Please enjoy the first video of my interview with my brother, George Padilla!

(Following the video are pictures of his pieces that were…

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