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Video Gallery

Blue Mermaid

Silver with Stone Pendant

Turquoise and Carnelian

Double Byzantine set

Blue-streaked Byzantine

Rondo a la Byzantine

Fuchsia and Silver

Sterling silver hearts

Carnelian lines

Purple and Silver

Silver and red bracelet

Braided Byzantine

Sterling Rondo, tube

3-Strand Byzantine

Single Byzantine Chain

Mermaid Bracelet

Full Persian Bracelet

Pink and Brown Byzantine

Vipera Berus

Silver-beaded byzantine

Man’s Full Persian Bracelet

Byz-Mobius bracelet

Byz-Mobius necklace


Silver Turkish Round

Silver/Black Celtic Star

Man’s Box Chain

Pink Byzantine Bracelet
Red, Black, and Silver School Colors
Custom-made bracelet
Reverse Tao Flower
Green-Silver Viper Basket
Half Persian 4 in 1 silver and gold bracelet
Half Persian 4 in 1
The Rondo a la Byzantine--the most beautiful bracelet I make
Sterling Rondo, toggle
Copper Box Chain

Sterling Silver Byz. Cuff
Man's gold bracelet in the sun
Gold Box Chain
Bees and Butterflies
Silver JPL
3-Color JPL w/Accent
Halloween bracelet-orange and black chain
Halloween Bracelet
Candy Cane Cord
Silver and Gold Bracelet-- So fine!
Gold and Silver JPL
Sterling silver candy cane bracelet
Sterling Silver CCC
Dragon Steps Chainmaille Bracelet
Dragon Steps
Silver chain bracelet for classy elegance
Sterling Silver JPL
Micro Gold Chain
Forthcoming Forthcoming

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