Silver Viper Basket Chain Bracelet

1 08 2014

Last weekend, I made a new silver bracelet using the “Viper Basket” weave.

Silver chain bracelet in the viper basket weave

Silver chain bracelet in the viper basket weave

This chain maille weave features criss-crossing rings with larger rings surrounding the inside weave. The overall look of this bracelet design is very nice. It lays flat on the wrist, and the inside weave with smaller rings gives a good visual texture for an interesting appearance.

silver plate bracelet in full view

silver plate bracelet in full view

I’m a bit surprised that more chainmaille artists don’t make this design. It isn’t hard to do and the finished bracelet looks great.

This bracelet uses 18 gauge wire, with 4.5 mm inside rings and 7.0 mm outside rings. The total time to make, including cutting the rings, was around 3 hours.

This bracelet is in silver-plated wire, but I think it would look fantastic with gold-fill inside rings and sterling silver outside rings.

Close up of the silver viper basket chainmaille weave

Close up of the silver viper basket chainmaille weave

I have a similar bracelet in green and silver, as well.


Green and Gold Dragonsteps Bracelet

4 11 2013
Dragon Steps Chainmaille Bracelet

Dragon Steps Chainmaille Bracelet

A great-looking green and gold chain bracelet featuring the Dragon Steps chainmaille weave. The parallel lines of gold stand out against the green background to create a unique and classy appearance at a low cost.

This is a fun chain weave to make, and it looks very nice when worn. The back-and-forth pattern of gold rings is supposed to look like dragon tracks, but I have never seen the tracks of a real dragon, so I cannot confirm that this is how they look.

Length shown: 7.5 inches, but can be modified in 1/4-inch increments
Materials: Jewelers’ brass (for the gold rings), colored copper (for the green rings)

Attention to Detail: I cut the rings myself from a wire coil, and I file any sharp edges, so each ring makes a complete and smooth closure. This bracelet will be comfortable to wear and will retain its attractiveness.

Status: Available in the shop, $25

More Pictures:

Side View

Side View

Sterling Silver Candy Cane Cord

20 10 2013
Sterling silver candy cane bracelet

Sterling silver candy cane bracelet

A beautiful sterling silver women’s chain bracelet. The Candy Cane Cord chainmaille weave is fine jewelry. A sparkling, intricate, and glamorous show-off piece. It features an open, lacy look.

This is the second bracelet I’m selling of this design. I have a similar bracelet in silver plate and a slightly denser weave. I made these as a fun diversion from the more complex, denser weaves I usually make. I think they came out quite nicely, don’t you?

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Sterling Silver and Gold Rope Chain Bracelet

15 09 2013
Silver bracelet with gold accent--very classy!

Silver bracelet with gold accent–very classy!

Sterling silver and 14 karat gold fill wire combine to make this exceptionally beautiful chain bracelet at a great price. A classy chainmaille rope bracelet.

I love the look of polished sterling silver, but the gold byzantine chainmaille weave in the center makes a great accent in the overall design. And isn’t that a pretty toggle clasp? The ivy vine clasp is sterling silver, too!

Made in the chainmaille weave called Jens Pind Linkage (a.k.a. JPL), this carefully crafted chain bracelet requires precision artisan work to make, with rings at very specific gauges and diameters. In the close-up images, you can see how well the rings are cut and closed. The result is a beautiful silver and gold bracelet that you can wear and enjoy for a long, long time.

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Silver Candy Cane Cord Chain Bracelet

31 08 2013
The lacy silver Candy Cane Cord chain bracelet

The lacy silver Candy Cane Cord chain bracelet

This women’s silver chain bracelet has a beautiful light and lacy look.

The Candy Cane Cord chain weave is intricate and classy. As a silver bracelet, it looks amazing. This silver chainmaille bracelet will get attention…and compliments!

The Candy Cane Cord (a.k.a. “CCC” and “Spirally Goodness”) is a lesser known variation of the classic Full Persian chain weave. In fact, both ends of this bracelet are in the Full Persian weave for a nice, clean finish. Overall, this chainmaille bracelet is quite unique. You will likely be the only person who has one!

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Orange and Black Halloween Bracelet

18 08 2013
Halloween bracelet-orange and black chain

Halloween bracelet-orange and black chain

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner, and you will need a flashy bracelet that says “Halloween, baby!” This orange chain bracelet with  black accent weave is the perfect way to let people know you’re in the Halloween mood.

Handmade with bright orange permanently colored wire and black coated wire for the center accent, this petite Halloween bracelet strikes a balance between festivity and sophistication. You will be the only person at the party wearing one, for sure!

In case you’re interested in the technical details…
The main chain is the Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) weave with teeny 20 gauge, 2.5 mm rings. The orange wire is permanently colored silver plated wire. The black accent is Byzantine weave with 20 gauge 3.0 mm rings, made from coated copper wire.


  • Length: 7.5 inches (This length should fit most wrists pretty comfortably.)
  • Width: 3/16 inches
  • Availability: Available in the Shop, $30.






3-Color Bracelet with Silver Accent

29 07 2013


I really like the look of this chain. Made in the Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) weave with silver, brass, and copper, this beautiful bracelet is very classy and fun. The silver plate and brass are both non-tarnish.

The chain is highlighted with a silver byzantine weave accent to bring just enough attention to your wrist.

This is a great chain weave that is very comfortable to wear. At only 5mm width, it appears dainty, but it is quite strong. It is made with 18 gauge silver plated, copper, and brass rings. The silver accent is 20 gauge, doubled, silver plated wire that catches the light.


Current length: 7.5 inches (easy to lengthen)
Width: 5mm
Color pattern: Alternating silver, copper, and brass
Flexibility: Extreme for a smooth, flowing chain
Clasp: lobster claw
Basic Weave: JPL & Byzantine
Status: Available in the shop, from $25

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